Mark Rober Net Worth | Biography and Success Journey

Mark Rober is a delightful mix of science and very interested in a particular subject. He is known all around the world due to his work. His popularity is quite because of his YouTube channel which has millions of subscribers. He made his YouTube channel way back in 2011 and has since worked on it. Also, YouTube’s journey has played an incredible role in Mark Rober’s Net Worth.

Rober is famous for uploading science videos which made his channel quite popular. He is also associated with NASA and he has served there for some time. Skin A watermelon, party trick, and several more videos are the most popular ones.

Rober also worked as a product designer for Apple Inc. in the company’s Special Projects Group. He is credited for developing several patents involving virtual reality (VR) in self-driving cars. Roger spent seven of his nine-year career at NASA working on the Curiosity rover at the company’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)

Early Life

He was born on 11 March 1980 in a heart-winning city Orange County California USA. He had a happy childhood with his family, who encouraged him to learn and do well in school. When he was in high school, he found a special book about inventors and their cool ideas. This book made him really excited about coming up with new things and helping the world.

in 2011, Mark Rober created his YouTube channel and started his journey as a YouTuber. This was the beginning of his online journey. When he started his journey at YouTube, at that time there was already various content creators were available. That makes his journey difficult to overcome into that competition.

He got his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University. After that, he went to Stanford University to get a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. He really liked science and Engineering & also often took things apart to see how they worked from a young age. When he grew up, he worked at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and became famous for his science videos on YouTube.

Career and Achievements

In the early stages of his professional journey, Mark Rober is an Inventor, YouTuber, and Engineer. He embarked on his career with enthusiasm and a strong foundation in uploading science videos and various gadgets. He started working at NASA’s jet propulsion in 2004. He began making viral videos while still working at NASA

He worked there for nine years. Rober stayed at JPL(Jet Propulsion Laboratory) for a total of nine years, which means he worked there until 2013. Rober spent seven years working on a special project called the Curiosity rover & this rover is currently on the planet Mars.

In 2011 he uploaded his first YouTube video. It went viral in a matter of hours, receiving over 1.5 million views within one day. In 2012 he launched an online Halloween costume company known as Digital Dudz. He won some awards in 2021 at the 11th Streamy Awards in the category of “Nonprofit or NGO” & in 2022 at the 12th Streamy where he was recognized as “Creator of the Year” in the field of Science and Engineering.

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Income Source

Mark Rober mainly makes money by creating content and talking about science. His YouTube videos bring in a lot of money from ads, sponsorships, and fans who support him. He also wrote books, and when people buy them, he earns money.

He sells things related to his videos, like T-shirts and gadgets, to make more cash. Sometimes, he might get paid for talking at events or teaching online. He could also make money by giving advice or working with companies, but we don’t always know the details of those earnings.


When people watch ads before or during his videos, he gets some money. Also, sometimes companies pay him to talk about their stuff in his videos, and that brings in extra cash. These deals can be really good, especially for famous YouTubers like Mark.


He wrote some books about science and engineering. When people buy these books, they make money from the sales. It’s like when you buy a book from a store, a part of that money goes to him because he wrote it. This part of the money is usually a percentage of how much the book costs.


Mark Rober sells cool stuff like T-shirts, gadgets, or items related to his videos. When people buy these things, they give him money, and it’s also a way for him to stay close to his fans and people who watch his videos.

Public speaking

Sometimes, Mark Rober gets asked to talk at special gatherings, like school events or big meetings. People want to hear what he knows about science and engineering. They pay him for these talks, and that’s another way he makes money.

Online Courses

Mark Rober might make and sell classes on the internet about science and engineering. People pay to learn from him, and that’s how he makes money. It’s a way to teach more people and earn from those who join his classes.

Mark Rober’s Net Worth

Mark Rober is a well-known YouTuber and is famous for his channel and its content. His content is very knowledgeable and interesting and wins fan’s hearts. Moreover, he is not only limited to YouTube only. As we have already discussed in this article above he has worked with NASA and Apple etc.

However, he started his YouTube channel in 2011. Since then he has done incredible work. He has worked with many big companies but when is started YouTube it marked a turning point in his journey. His net worth not only reflects his hard work but also his inspiration.

Over the years Mark Rober’s financial journey has experienced a boost like a rocket. Below is the complete breakdown of his net worth.

Mark Rober Net Worth Breakdown

As of 2024, Mark Rober has amassed a remarkable net worth. Mark Rober’s net worth for 2024 is estimated at around $12 Million.

The significant boost in his net worth is some of his product launches. He introduces some science kits and merchandise that have boosted his net worth to the next level.

YearNet Worth
2023$12 Million
2022$11 Million
2021$10 Million
2020$9 Million
2019$8 Million
2018$7 Million

Mark Rober Biography

Full NameMark Braxton Rober
Popular NameMark Rober
Date of BirthMarch 11, 1980
Place of BirthOrange County, California
Age43 Years
Weight62 kg or 136 lbs
EducationBrigham Young University and the University of Southern California
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseLisa Rober
Salary$1 Million+ (as of 2023)
Net Worth (2023)$12 Million+
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorDark Brown
Zodiac SignPisces
Sexual OrientationStraight

Top Ten Most Popular Videos

  • “Shark Blood Smell Test” – 86 million views (1 year ago)
  • “World’s Largest Jello Pool” – 86 million views (1 year ago)
  • “Glitter Bomb vs. Porch Pirates” – 86 million views (2 years ago)
  • “Liquid Sand Hot Tub” – 82 million views (3 years ago)
  • “Surviving a Grenade Blast” – 74 million views (5 years ago)
  • “Carnival Scam Science” – 71 million views (3 years ago)
  • “Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder” – 68 million views (10 months ago)
  • “Largest Elephant Toothpaste Experiment” – 68 million views (1 year ago)
  • “Glitter Bomb 2.0 vs. Porch Pirates” – 57 million views (1 year ago)
  • In 2018, reports emerged that Rober was working secretly on a series of virtual reality projects for Apple Inc.

Frequently Asked Question

What is Mark Rober’s Net Worth?

Mark Rober’s estimated net worth is approximately $12 million due to his popular science videos which have more specific information about science.

How Old is Mark Rober?

Mark Rober’s birthdate is March 11, 1980, which means that in the year 2023, he has reached the age of 43.

What is Mark Rober’s Annual Income?

Mark Rober makes more than $1 million every year, which is a lot of money. He earns this from his work and projects.

What are some inventions that Mark Rober made?

Mark Rober, a former JPL engineer, spent seven years on the Mars Curiosity rover. He’s also known for inventing fun items like a Nerf mega-gun and a mobile basketball hoop.

What does Mark Rober teach?

Mark Rober teaches science and engineering concepts on his YouTube channel, making learning engaging and accessible to a broad audience.

How many times does Mark Rober post?

Mark Rober typically posts new videos on his YouTube channel every month, offering a regular schedule of engaging educational content.

What type of science does Mark Rober do?

Mark Rober makes fun videos about science on YouTube, where he talks about things like engineering and how stuff works.

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